13.09.2019 -

New IoT Antenna Measuring Chamber


Kathrein Solutions has recently started operating a new measuring chamber at the Stephanskirchen location.

This creates new possibilities for the optimisation of individual antennas and antenna systems, RFID/ RTLS transponders and customer-specific analyses during the development phase.

After a comprehensive evaluation, antenna systems are measured in the frequency range from 600 MHz to 8.5 GHz. This allows for an in-house measurement of all IoT wireless standards, such as RFID, LoRa, Wi-Fi and UWB RTLS, starting from the low band of 400 MHz up to the ultra-wide band of 6 GHz. By implementing a ©KRAI controller, it is also possible to carry out a fully automatic measurement and evaluation of antennas with the ©KRAI functionality for all settings.

Furthermore, the measuring chamber enables 3D measurements of UHF RFID transponders on various objects, such as small load carriers, car bumpers and windshields.

Volker Schönig, Senior Antenna Engineer at Kathrein Solutions, says: "The high investment into a new measuring chamber will expand our existing capabilities and create new analysis possibilities within a much shorter time".

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