06.04.2018 -

New ReaderStart Software Available for Firmware V3.02


Kathrein has launched the new RAIN reader firmware with tremendous features. Due to new high-speed profiles, a total number of more than 750 real tag reads per second is possible! In addition, we have increased the reader sensitivity by adding a powerful carrier cancellation which impresses with extremely fast tracking of the carrier data. To use the new feature, please download the reader firmware and the latest ReaderStart software

New Key Features

  • New high-speed profiles #31 and #38 with up to 160 kbps/512 kbps/FM0.
  • Carrier cancelation with extremely short tracking times of the reflected carrier, to optimise the cancelation dynamically. Reaction time < 3 ms!
  • The new Kathrein WRA 7070 ©KRAI antennas are supported for dynamical polarisation settings. This feature will optimise your application for detecting humidity tags.
  • A new High-security module tab has been added for the RRU 45xx and ARU 35xx readers, which is used for AES encryption and decryption in a secure environment directly on the device.
  • The LED tab now offers a much clearer LED allocation, making changing the function and
    16 million colours of the LEDs much easier.
  • In the Spectral Scan tab, it is possible to see more frequencies on the screen without having to scroll

Download the latest firmware version for each unit using the following links:

Firmware Gen3 | RRU 4000 and ARU 3000 | Version: V3.02.00.1354

ReaderStart software Gen3 | RRU 4000 and ARU 3000 | Version: V3.02.00.2744

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