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14.05.2020 -

Radiation Pattern

From Application to RFID Antenna


Kathrein Solutions, we make the invisible real.

If you need to select the right components for your IoT application, the Radiation Pattern is the easy way to choose the right UHF RFID antenna.

Listed in tabular form you will find:

  • All IoT applications from access control to tolling
  • Detection from near field to far field
  • Read range from cm range to more than 10m
  • Selectivity from focused antenna fields to wide beams
  • Alignment of symmetrical and asymmetrical propagation
  • Above all an accurate view of the invisible antenna pattern


Have a quick view and convince yourself of the easy way of UHF RFID antenna selection.

Download the Radiation Pattern as a PDF
Radiation Pattern | (02/2020 | en)

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