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22.08.2016 -

RFID Helps Greek Rail Service Save Money


The Greek railroad operator wanted to improve the visibility of wagons—both rented and its own—according to Aris Kotsas, the director of TrainOSE's rolling stock directorate. Therefore, in 2014, it began seeking a  technology-based solution as part of a wide-ranging project that TrainOSE had under way to modernize its data management.

Trinity Systems and TrainOSE opted to attach Confidex Survivor tags to approximately 100 wagons, near the serial number painted on the side of each car, with each wagon's ID number encoded to the tag's memory. They started with a pilot deployment, during which they installed six Kathrein RFID RRU4-ETL-E6 readers, with Kathrein WIRA-70 antennas, along tracks in the railway network's northern section. Then, Vasiliadis says, after running the pilot project for six months, the companies expanded the deployment last summer to a total of 20 Kathrein readers at trackside, "just outside the [clearance] safety zone of each track." While TrainOSE acquired 40 such readers, it found that it currently needs only 20 to provide the data required. The other 20 will be installed as necessary to enhance the entire system's tracking resolution.


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