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17.04.2023 -


Test environment for various application fields


Kathrein Solutions is consistently focusing on partner sponsoring and is pushing this further with the RFID demo kit program. Effective immediately, the company is offering a comprehensive test and demo kit for every RFID reader base version.

Demo kits are available for the following readers:Demo kits are available for the following readers:

  • RRU 1400 
  • ARU 2400
  • ARU 3500
  • RRU 4500
  • ARU 8500

The sets include the respective reader, antennas, associated cables and the corresponding software.

Partners can use the demo kits to set up and run through test scenarios for almost all material and production flow applications in a wide range of application fields (proof of concept).

The demo kit program offers partners the opportunity not only to position themselves against the competition through the key technology RFID, but also to open up new solution approaches.

You can download the campaign flyer here.

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