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18.12.2016 -

Roads That Talk: Innovative Readout of RFID Labels in Asphalt


Communities and road maintenance companies have a strong interest in quickly accessing relevant operational data without major effort. The RFID tags integrated into the nonwoven geotextiles of Provlies are linked with applications such as digital atlases, automatic traffic count, construction journals, sewer network maps and weather information. In addition, modules for condition assessment, construction or construction supervision can be integrated.

The Schreiner Services Competence Center has developed a mobile solution for the easy readout of the RFID tags during travel. Michael Reineke, Director of Schreiner Services, explains: "Readout is done via several antennae, which are fit into a weather-resistant box together with electronics. The box is mounted to the trailer hitch of a vehicle. The data is radio-transmitted to the computer in the car for evaluation." The collected information gives road maintenance service providers a detailed overview of the road's condition, thus contributing to increasing the service life of reconstructed roads. This helps to reduce costs and guarantees sustainable road construction.

The RFID labels applied directly to the nonwoven material lie at least four centimeters under the asphalt surface and offer the road maintenance provider continuous, contactless communication with the road network. The RFID transponders work with ultra-high frequencies and are therefore easily readable even through thick layers of asphalt and concrete.


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