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08.11.2018 -

Taking Digitisation to the Next Level


Digitisation progresses at a fast pace: Not a day passes without multiple newspaper headlines focusing on digitisation projects. This internationally-visible market development matches exactly with the new orientation of Kathrein’s RFID branch that was initiated more than two years ago. With the acquisition of noFilis, Kathrein Solutions created an IoT solution provider that can realise single-source digitisation projects. RFID & Wireless IoT Global talked to the management about targets and benefits in the field of IoT. Jürgen Walter, Head of Solutions and COO of the Kathrein Group, wants to build on previous successes as well as to create and sustainably establish business in new markets and fields. Thomas Brunner, Managing Director of Kathrein Solutions, underpins these goals by focusing on the development and integration of IoT solutions for global vertical markets. At the centre of attention are solutions for vehicle identification and healthcare applications. The CrossTalk IoT software adds to the hardware portfolio. In the interview, Martin Dobler, CTO of Kathrein Solutions, illustrates why flexibility and scalability of modular platforms are the key to future-proof digitisation applications.

Digitisation is speeding ahead

Digital and contactless technologies and applications form the basis for future-proof processes in many industries and sectors. This understanding is becoming reality to an increasing degree and with increasing speed. “The dynamics within our customers are impressive,” Thomas Brunner says and he elaborates: “Across the companies, the implementation speed is almost a paradigm shift. In recent years, globally-operating groups pushed forward their digital transformations. Today, there is hardly any difference between them and medium-sized enterprises. Still, it is the automotive industry initiating new technologies and solutions as an early adopter. Yet there is currently activity in almost all industries on a similarly high level.”

The deciders decide – fast and consistently

For Thomas Brunner, who realised a first UHF RFID project for a customer from the container logistics field at Kathrein in 2007, today’s projects are implemented at a significantly higher speed. “For more than eleven years, we have been involved in the digitisation of supply chain processes, in RFID, tracking and tracing, as well as visualisation of processes. In the past, two to three years passed before a discussion with a prospective customer was turned into a project that then led to a rollout. It is very different today: The companies are now aware of the big benefits of digitisation and make quick decisions including a prompt release of budgets. Today, we can realise an average of eight out of ten inquiries,” says Thomas Brunner.


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