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01.08.2016 -

The companies found that a system combining passive UHF RFID and digital camera technologies could identify


Vehicle registration and identification technology company Tönnjes, license plate manufacturer Kirpestein B.V. Automotive and RFID chipmaker NXP Semiconductor report that they have completed a trial that proves passive ultrahighfrequency (UHF) RFID license plates can effectively identify moving vehicles even in the most challenging environments.

The three firms put the technology to the test at a Netherlands military base, via a variety of heavy military vehicles moving at high speeds to simulate some of the most difficult circumstances in which license plates might need to be read.

Two Kathrein RFID Reader RRU4-ELC-E6-KRAI readers, four Kathrein Wide Range 30° antennas and an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) digital camera for redundancy were installed on a gantry spanning a road located on OTCRij's compound. "We used a digital IP camera developed for ANPR applications," Renz says. "Besides special technical features—for example, automatically capturing images at day and night—the OCR software for optical character recognition is one of the most important components of an ANPR system." The readers captured and decrypted data collected from passing tags, then forwarded that data, along with camera images of license plates, to Tönnjes software hosted on a local dedicated server.

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Article (July 2016 | RFID Journal Live #14780 | en)

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