06.05.2020 -

The New Kathrein Version 3.07 Reader Software Available


Besides stability improvements, the WiFi connectivity and the security level of the Linux kernel has been improved with update V3.07:

  • Support of unencrypted networks during WiFi configuration
  • The configuration of the access points is stored correctly even if the WiFi interface is not activated
  • Security update for Linux: Linux kernel updated
    • OpenSSH updated to version 8.1p1
    • OpenVPN updated to version 2.4.8

Download the latest version for each unit using the following links:

Test and configuration software Reader Start                                                                    
For all Kathrein Solutions readers | Version: V3.07.00.4288                                         

Gen3 Firmware                                                                      
For RRU4xxx, ARU3xxx, ARU2xxx, ARU8xxx readers | Version: V3.07.00.1696

Gen3 Linux update                                                                  
For RRUx5xx and ARUx5xx readers | Version: V3.07.00.152

Kathrein Reader Firmware Version History | Version: V3.07.00

Gen3 Progamming and Applications Examples                       
For all Kathrein Solutions readers | Version: V3.07.00

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