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06.05.2020 -

The New Kathrein Version 3.07 Reader Software Available

New Key Features


Besides stability improvements, the WiFi connectivity and the security level of the Linux kernel has been improved with update V3.07:

  • Support of unencrypted networks during WiFi configuration
  • The configuration of the access points is stored correctly even if the WiFi interface is not activated
  • Security update for Linux: Linux kernel updated
    • OpenSSH updated to version 8.1p1
    • OpenVPN updated to version 2.4.8

Download the latest version for each unit using the following links:

Test and configuration software Reader Start                                                                    
For all Kathrein Solutions readers | Version: V3.07.00.4288                                         

Gen3 Firmware                                                                      
For RRU4xxx, ARU3xxx, ARU2xxx, ARU8xxx readers | Version: V3.07.00.1696

Gen3 Linux update                                                                  
For RRUx5xx and ARUx5xx readers | Version: V3.07.00.152

Kathrein Reader Firmware Version History | Version: V3.07.00

Gen3 Progamming and Applications Examples                       
For all Kathrein Solutions readers | Version: V3.07.00

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