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12.08.2021 -

Vehicle Identification with RAIN RFID


RAIN RFID for Various Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications

Christian Schnebinger discusses solutions and wireless IoT technologies in the smart city, automotive identification with RAIN RFID, and urban mobility. His motto: “Personally, a truly smart city takes me to the best ice cream parlor in town in the summer, to the most beautiful walking trail in the fall, to the best ski lift in the winter, and to the most beautiful café in the spring where you can sit outside for a while – and all this quickly and without traffic jams.”

Interview with Christian Schnebinger


What does Intelligent Transportation Systems mean for Kathrein Solutions?
Schnebinger: "For Kathrein Solutions, intelligent transportation systems involves a solution for a wide variety of applications to make the end customer's day-to-day errands, commute to work, and general driving experience as pleasant as possible. Be it tolling, parking, low-emission zone access or smart fueling – each of these end-customer applications is possible with RAIN RFID technology. The Corona pandemic has shown that many things can be done hands-free and without contact – RAIN RFID can be the solution here. The flexibility that RAIN RFID offers and the environmental friendliness combined with maximum performance are the decisive factors here.

What challenges do you see for manufacturers of vehicle identificationsolutions when the public infrastructure is not yet in place?
Schnebinger: Naturally, an infrastructure for vehicles is necessary in order to be able to realize a data capture. But this is not always present. This is the situation we observe in many countries. However, this does not affect the technology, as it is perfectly suited for new projects as well as for existing infrastructure due to its flexible and scalable application possibilities.

In which countries has Kathrein Solutions already implemented RAIN RFID for automotive identification?
Schnebinger: Egypt is the flagship country for the nationwide implementation of an RAIN RFID-based data capture system. Within a very short time, the country has managed to set up a nationwide high-security electronic vehicle registration solution, and will soon complete this with a tolling solution. In addition, the extended use of this RFID system is already being discussed, for example for parking solutions. This project demonstrates within a very short time the most important aspects of an optimal capture. EVR, the registration of vehicles with RAIN RFID transponders and tolling, i.e. the capture and billing of vehicles on local highways. Other projects are underway in South America, Asia, Europe and most recently on a large scale in Africa.


Please share the benefits and features of Kathrein Solutions' antennas and labels for this solution with our readers.
Schnebinger: It's great that you mention the hardware together with the transponders, because they are the most important factors for a properly functioning system. The transponder as well as the transceivers and antennas contribute equally to the functionality of the system. Our hardware ranks among the leading technologies worldwide. We develop special devices, especially in vehicle identification, which are able to fully satisfy complex requirements. Our tags come in a wide variety of forms and are scalable from simple to highly complex and secure. First and foremost, the tag must be optimally tuned and must function properly. At the same time, it must also "defend" itself against counterfeiting and destruction.

Keyword: IT. What IT products does Kathrein Solutions offer for automotive identification?
Schnebinger: Our IoT Suite CrossTalk plays a pivotal role as a data hub in all our business sectors, such as intelligent transportation systems, logistics, production, healthcare and automotive. CrossTalk can integrate a wide variety of sensors (RFID, ANPR, other sensors) into a system and make the data optimally available to the customer as an event. This means that the customer does not have to process the raw read data at all. The customer receives an event that he can immediately integrate into his solution (e.g. traffic management, tolling software or law enforcement).

Large projects are often managed jointly with partners: Which partners supported Kathrein Solutions in the integration of automotive identification solutions?
Schnebinger: We work with a few selected technology partners with whom we develop new transponders, individual hardwareand special solutions, for example. In addition, we always have local partners on-site who control the state of affairs there and are usually the provider of the overall solution to the end customer. In most cases, it is a small group of partners per project with whom we are allowed to operate jointly throughout the world.

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