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26.02.2017 -

Volkswagen Group globally realises an efficient load carrier management


Secure registration of direction of movement with intelligent RFID systems

Positive business casedue to scalable solution

In order to effectively and costefficiently realise roll-outs of this magnitude in plants worldwide, all interfaces and system components have to be defined and coordinated with each other. The required hardware and software has to be available in a standardised fashion. In order to achieve comparable and stable functions in all RFID applications worldwide, an internal shared service was established in the central IT. The advantage for the specialist sections in the plants is that an experienced RFID team is placed at disposal to support them during the implementations. Moreover, a central IT infrastructure can be used that may develop into a positive business case in a timely manner due to scaling effects.

In the bigging of 2015 the company already decided to offer a standard load carrier management
application within the framework of shared services for particular Volkswagen plants and brands in the group. The focus lies on the tracking of serialised load carriers. This has not been possible with previous systems. Intelligent RFID systems by Kathrein, for example, do not only support the secure registration of load carries but also define the course and direction of movement of the objects at the loading gates or as a mobile reading point in transport vehicles.

Central template software solution via shared services

In load carrier management and in AutoID device management, the product CrossTalk by Nofilis is being used among others. Volkswagen‘s shared service offers a central template software solution with the load carrier management application.

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